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Coma Cluster Void doesn’t do things like other bands. The group’s Thoughts From a Stone is a 22-minute piece, and its brand new video “Mother, Dreamer”, extracted from the larger composition, arrives as a 360° Panorama video. With haunting, classically-inspired passages, doses of technical death metal and hard-edged progressive rock, the track is undeniably unsettling and yet impossibly entertaining. 

The group is comprised of Mike DiSalvo (ex-Cryptopsy), Austin Taylor and Genevieve DiSalvo trading off on lead guttural vocals, Sylvia Hinz providing classical mezzo-soprano vocals, bass guitar and double bass recorder, Strieder on 10-string guitar and cello, Chris Burrows on drums and guest Alexa Renger on violin.

When the band formed in 2013, the members agreed that Coma Cluster Void would be a vehicle for storytelling, both through musical composition and the written word to expand the palette of expression in metal music. Thoughts From a Stone, a one-movement symphony, connects with the collective’s first album, Mind Cemeteries as well: It provides the backstory of the mysterious Iron Empress, a character pivotal to that earlier work.

“We dare ask ourselves is this the penance for our ignorance and war driven lack of respect towards one another?” the band offers “Herein lies a horrific testament to being careful about what you ask for. For what is brought forth is knowingly going to destroy the nature of our Grand Mother as well as the ones who summon and those that ‘betray’ the summoners.”

Coma Cluster Void’s Thoughts From a Stone is out 13 October via Translation Loss and may be pre-ordered.


CCV's full length debut 'Mind Cemeteries' has definitely shocked the dissonant, extreme Metal underground and turned a lot of heads last year... including yours - unless you've been living under a rock, that is. But if you thought 'Mind Cemeteries' was challenging already, you better sit the fuck down for 'Thoughts From a Stone', because Coma Cluster Void are not making it easier for you this time around.

The EP features one continuous track that clocks in just under 22 minutes. I am not usually too fond of this kind of concept... admittedly, not even when Gorguts are doing it. But let's face it: More often than not, those single, long and drawn-out track releases are not technically a single song, but rather a number of songs thrown together and blended into each other by forgettable jam bits or "ambient" instrumental transitions. There are bands that can make excessively lengthy tracks work, but they usually have to be a little more free-form and "out there" for me to be into it, like Khanate, Kayo Dot or Ehnahre, to name a few examples.

You can add Coma Cluster Void to this list now. While 'Mind Cemeteries' had a more regular album track list, TFAS feels like a true, coherent musical piece - which comes as no surprise, knowing guitarist Strieder's background as a composer. 'Thoughts From a Stone' does have a track listing of six individual tracks (on Bandcamp), but those are more than likely linked to lyrical chapters rather than individual songs.

Either way, this EP is even more tough and chewy than the debut. It builds up with a quite sludgy pace, erupts in temporary frenzy, often collapses into hauntingly intense spoken word parts, only to throw you back into a raging sea of the band's signature, chaotic "anti grooves". The overall direction is more heavy than the debut, and it is seriously challenging, but still feels very coherent. And once it draws you in, you get a sense that all of the chaos and madness is leading somewhere.

And it sure is. The second half of 'Thoughts From a Stone' has some seriously deranged sounding moments and the instrumentation breaks out of your "typical" Metal setup as well. Not that a 10-string guitar in an atonal open tuning is that typical, but... you know, there is more to explore here. I could try to describe the climax the composition is building up towards, but I think you just gotta hear it for yourself.

Coma Cluster Void are not taking the easy route with this EP. With a debut as chaotic, atonal and intense as 'Mind Cemeteries', the international collective is now taking its art even further to the fringes of even the most extreme Metal niches. 'Thoughts From a Stone' is no background music. It requires all of your attention and will test your tolerance for chaotic structures and atonality. Its strength lies beneath what the superficial Metal listener will be able to grasp, but it's going to be highly rewarding for those of you who are willing to dive into it. Coma Cluster Void are true pioneers of their genre, at a time where most of us feel like we've heard it all.

You can pre-order the EP on quite spectacular looking vinyl here:


International death metal collective Coma Cluster Void (featuring ex-Cryptopsy vocalist Mike DiSalvo) will drop their second release, Thoughts From a Stone, on October 13. It’s a towering technical death metal effort, featuring 10-string guitar, cello, violin and four members contributing vocals. Thoughts From a Stone follows 2016’s Mind Cemeteries, the band’s first release, as guitarist Strieder explains:

“The musical concept for Thoughts From A Stone grew in my mind for a longer time. Directly after we finished Mind Cemeteries, I bespoke with Mike the underlying concept for Thoughts From A Stone, and we shared ideas about the musical and lyrical possibilities. During my writing process I kept everybody in the loop, and half-way I’ve created a chart of the motivic structure, so everybody would know the function of the parts. There are motifs in the traditional sense, but also rhythmic motifs and even chords serving as motifs building this piece. Like with the predecessor, we’ve used chat and e-mail, and send large files over the internet to create the record.”

Listen to pummeling new song “Thumb of Disease” now and find more info on the record via Translation Loss.


Reviewed By: George Archibald

It has been a year since Avant Garde/ Dissonant metal giants Coma Cluster Void dropped Mind Cemeteries. They are back with a new amalgamation of destruction in Thoughts From A Stone. A 21-minute orchestration of sorrow, through their label Translation Loss Records. This new EP is broken down into 6 movements that are to be played as one collective. CCV has stuck to their roots bringing back their trademark sound, of dissonant guitar, thunderous drums, and a mix of vocal ranges from soft and clean, to deep harsh growls.

Thoughts From A Stone, kicks off with a spoken word passage along with accompanying string and woodwind instrumentation which sets the tone of menace. CCV sheds a light on those who live in the dregs of society, it reminds me almost of the opening of Dante’s Inferno, before the decent into the darkness. The band has created an opus of sorrow; touching on the apocalypse and inner look at what we are as man, nothing more than an afterthought, and ash. CCV has created beauty out of bedlam, on this journey through destruction.

 Overall Thoughts From A Stone may seem to have a bit of a step up from Mind Cemeteries, with production. The bass is more prevalent, and the instruments seem to be more pronounced, adding a bit of clarity during the chaotic dissonance that Coma Cluster Void have been famous for. I also am a fan of, having members Genevieve DisalvoMike DisalvoChris Burrows, Silvia Hinz, and Austin Taylorcontributing vocals, like paint to canvas, sonically layering the album.  The atmosphere is what you would expect from CCV having dissonant guitars, accompanied with controlled percussion. By this, I mean there is no hint of overplaying, but rather a reserved feel to let all parts play out without mudding the music.

Coma Cluster Void have a created a symphony, that hits like a hammer on the theme of ominous despair. Thoughts From A Stone contains soundscapes that strike a nerve in the listener, evoking a feeling that this is the end. This album will be a must have for any listener that is into reaching out from the boundaries of what is modern metal, and expanding their audio horizons.  Thoughts From A Stone will be available on October 13th, through Translation Loss Records, make sure to check it out!