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Thoughts From A Stone ( 2017 )
Fiction of literary anticipation.

The musical chroniclers do not have fun everyday. They have to listen to hundreds of records every year, perform sorting, and, depending on their personal background, isolate a few dozens about which they may have something to write about. They must then demonstrate that they know what they are talking about, while remaining objective. While avoiding to imply that they could be an absolute fan of the band...

So when this journalist decided to review the new EP of Coma Cluster Void, the band whose first effort 'Mind Cemeteries' he did not hesitate to qualify as 'album of the year 2016', things get complicated. Subjectivity lurks …

Apparently, everything gets carried away: a brigade of the 'Ethics Committee of Arbitrary Sense' - a committee that is interested in the substance and not in the spelling – intervines and challenges the wrongdoer before a judge. The judge will try to understand the rampant, sometimes too lyrical outburst of an review, and then pronounce a sentence that will appear to him equitable.

We have been allowed to reproduce here, as an example, a few passages from the offender's hearing:

Judge Hitsous: Sit down, sir... Skalkulo. That's not a name … I can assure you!

The clerk, Mr. Mortelle: Shall I take off the handcuffs, honoured Judge?

Judge: Nooo, ... he would be able to write! Okay, let's move quickly.
Regarding 'Thoughts From A Stone', the new EP of the band Coma Cluster Void, you were about to write: „It took a lot of talent and creativity to get 'Thoughts From A Stone' out only one year after the revolutionary 'Mind Cemeteries'. We know a lot of bands would have reclined two or three years on an album so rich of innovations of all kinds.“ Is that what you wanted to write? For heaven's sake! ... Aren't we a bit grandiloquent here, sir... Skalkulo? So?

Chronicler: Hmm mhmh hmhm houm mhoumm!

Judge: Don't try to be arrogant, dear sir, that will not settle your case. I continue: „Strieder, the great architect and composer of the Coma Cluster Void project, once again demonstrates his incomparable talent for transforming primal chaos into a meaningful musical entity. 'Thoughts From A Stone' exaltates all the genious musical ideas already developed on 'Mind Cemeteries' into a single unit of 22 minutes, which have to be conceived as a structured symphony of the universal chaos.“ … Still nothing to say?

Chronicler: Hmm mmhm umhmem!

Judge: As I thought.

Clerk: But Judge Hitsous...

Judge: Shut up, I make the decisions here, Mortal! Well, well I'm continuing a little further: „Coma Cluster Void successfully tightens a little more its tech-death / math and puzzles further the multiple broken rhythms (between minutes 2 and 12), the ten strings of Strieder dispute with the furious drums of Christopher Burrows to the dense bass of Sylvia Hinz.“ … further on: „... and the musical findings seem to be endless on this EP, which wants to tell us more about the 'Iron Empress', this pre-universal heroine out of the smoking ruins of 'Mind Cemeteries'. Take the intro, where the strings of the ensemble XelmYa glide sublimely, for two minutes, as if to protect the first disordered breaths of new life; the brilliant dissonant deceleration (between 12'40'' and 14'10''), almost jazzy, carried by the vapurous vocalise of Sylvia Hinz; the slow rise (between 14'30'' and 16'00''), a symmetrical fold of the previous movement, which reopens the door to grunt vocals subtly shared between Mike DiSalvo and Genevieve DiSalvo, between short cannons and brief exchanges. Magnificent.“ Well, then...

Clerk: ... Judge, we should take off the gag!

Judge: Good! Obviously... why didn't you tell me before? Ah... you're tiring me, Mortal.

Chronicler: And what did you want me to write? How rarely has one heard such originality, such technical and structural mastery; How rarely have so many ideas been synthesized in one musical piece? What ...

Judge: Shut up! He got some nerve! It's a shame!

Chronicler: ... that Coma Cluster Void just said more in one EP than others in twenty LPs? That Thoughts From A Stone...

Judge: Gag him!!!

Chronicler: ... listen in a loop... hmmm mhumm...

Judge: After deliberation, the court condemns you... to silence!

And this is, in essence, why there will be no review of 'Thoughts From A Stone', the latest EP of 'Coma Cluster Void'.

- Skalkulo

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