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Reviewed By: George Archibald

It has been a year since Avant Garde/ Dissonant metal giants Coma Cluster Void dropped Mind Cemeteries. They are back with a new amalgamation of destruction in Thoughts From A Stone. A 21-minute orchestration of sorrow, through their label Translation Loss Records. This new EP is broken down into 6 movements that are to be played as one collective. CCV has stuck to their roots bringing back their trademark sound, of dissonant guitar, thunderous drums, and a mix of vocal ranges from soft and clean, to deep harsh growls.

Thoughts From A Stone, kicks off with a spoken word passage along with accompanying string and woodwind instrumentation which sets the tone of menace. CCV sheds a light on those who live in the dregs of society, it reminds me almost of the opening of Dante’s Inferno, before the decent into the darkness. The band has created an opus of sorrow; touching on the apocalypse and inner look at what we are as man, nothing more than an afterthought, and ash. CCV has created beauty out of bedlam, on this journey through destruction.

 Overall Thoughts From A Stone may seem to have a bit of a step up from Mind Cemeteries, with production. The bass is more prevalent, and the instruments seem to be more pronounced, adding a bit of clarity during the chaotic dissonance that Coma Cluster Void have been famous for. I also am a fan of, having members Genevieve DisalvoMike DisalvoChris Burrows, Silvia Hinz, and Austin Taylor contributing vocals, like paint to canvas, sonically layering the album. The atmosphere is what you would expect from CCV having dissonant guitars, accompanied with controlled percussion. By this, I mean there is no hint of overplaying, but rather a reserved feel to let all parts play out without mudding the music.

Coma Cluster Void have a created a symphony, that hits like a hammer on the theme of ominous despair. Thoughts From A Stone contains soundscapes that strike a nerve in the listener, evoking a feeling that this is the end. This album will be a must have for any listener that is into reaching out from the boundaries of what is modern metal, and expanding their audio horizons.  Thoughts From A Stone will be available on October 13th, through Translation Loss Records, make sure to check it out!