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Monikansallinen death metal -yhtye Coma Cluster Void on viemässä death metallia täysin uudelle tasolle. Yhtye, jossa soittavat mm. Cryptopsysta tuttu Mike DiSalvo sekäArtificial Brainista tuttu Will Smith ovat julkaisseet Soundcloudin kautta kaksi uutta demoa, jotka ovat soitettu 10-kielisellä kitaralla. Voit tutustua yhtyeen musiikkiin paremmin tästä.

Yhtyeen 10 -kielisen kitaran on valmistanut Agile Guitars.

22.12.2014 | Toimittaja: | Kategoria: Metal, Uutiset


A few days ago we offered you a 9-string guitar metal song by Rob Scallon, but there's a band who already took things further, presenting a metal tune that's utilizing a 10-string axe.
The group goes by the name of Coma Cluster Void, describing itself as "dissonant death math metal mayhem."

Parts of metal community were very pleased with the presented sample tracks, branding the 10-stringed approach far from gimmicky as it might initially seem.
According to the band's official Facebook page, Coma Cluster Void features Mike DiSalvo from Cryptopsy and Will Smith from Artificial Brain handling dual vocal tasks.
Additionally, the band includes guitarist Strieder and Hinz on bass.

Make sure to check out samples of their music in the embedded Soundcloud player below.



It’s quite short and lightweight, but it sets the tone for the “Avant-Garde Death/Math Metal” record. Coma Cluster Void have been lurking on forums and facebook groups for a while now, and I’m really excited to hear what they’re really up to. This trailer doesn’t satisfy my hunger, but at least it puts me in the mood.

The album will be released in 2015.

Posted by Dæv Tremblay.


Longtime MetalSucks reader and musical suggester Dan Wolfson emails us the following:


this band is getting me hyped as fuck

10 string guitar progressive death metal band with Mike DiSalvo from Cryptopsy and Will Smith from Artificial Brain on dual vocals. Only demos are up right now, but its going to be a fucking crusher.

Naturally the “10 string guitar” part caught our attention — what with all the recent brouhaha over nine-string guitars — but we were relieved to learn that Coma Cluster Void are no gimmick: this band is legit! And yes, before you ask, they actually use all ten of those strings… and deftly, I might add.

Check out their five demo tracks below, via the band’s Soundcloud. Coma Cluster Void summon death metal’s more experimental, visceral side — think Ulcerate, Nero di Marte, Dysrhythmia, or even Portal on one of their more coherent days —  for a challenging listen that’s got just the right of songwriting glue holding it all together. None of these tracks — some of which are just basic song ideas — have any vocals, but the band’s Facebook pageconfirms the participation of Mike DiSalvo and Will Smith, both of whom make a whole lot of sense for a band like this.

That 10-string guitar was made by Agile Guitars, for those wondering.