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Now that I've heard the whole thing I keep sitting down to write about this album and find myself wanting to leave my review at just the words "all dead... all dead" which would be totally half-assing but still probably hits close enough to the mark that I doubt anyone would get too pissed about it.

I also keep wanting to say that this sounds like Cryptopsy vs. Gorguts because It's angular as holy hell and even 18 years later I can't help but associate DiSalvo's voice with Whisper Supremacy, but that's not fair either 'cos right out the gate this album takes it even further "out" than that.

So what I'll say instead is that CCV take the last 20 or so years of really fucking dissonant music, melt it down, sculpt it into "their own thing" then beat you about the head and face with it until you black out.

Through the gaps in consciousness you catch glimpses: It's fast, slow, dense, surreal, occasionally very beautiful in the same way I find bombed out industrial areas beautiful and I have a feeling that in another 20 years I'll still be trying to get my head around exactly what is going on with some of these tracks because a lot of times it seems like the music is either falling down a well or moving in multiple directions at once. Like shrapnel. In stroboscopic time lapse. Crossfiring. Ricochet. Annihilation.

Or more to the point: Easy listening it ain't, but this album will absolutely fucking kill you. Totally nuts and wholeheartedly recommended.