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Reviewed by George Archibald

Advant garde metal band Coma Cluster Void, is a conglomerate of several genres of metal, include Death, Experimental, Math, Beatdown, and many, many more. This band tries to break down the very boundaries of what is music. Hell, for that matter even what is metal. Coma Cluster Void members are even from all over the globe, coming from Germany, The United States, and Canada. This band is also famous for bringing light to the 10 string extended range guitar. For a band that stands out so much it is hard to define their sound, it is almost like Ion Dissonance and Car Bomb got together and dropped acid.

The song “Path Of Lies”, starts off with heavy down tuned guitar and dissonant riffing, as the vocal tag team of Mike DiSalvo and Austin Taylor are in your face with growls and spoken word. Drummer Chris Burrows is powerful and yet refined, utilizing his skills, by playing fast and heavy while changing it up to not take it off the rails. For anyone wanting heavy this is a whole bag of cinder blocks to the eardrums.

The titled track “Mind Cemeteries” is another piece of dissonant art by the band. Coming at you in a fury of fast paced drumming and off time signature guitar riffings. The band then leads up to a break where the bass and drums continue on while accompanied by a chaotic like lead guitar riff before bringing their own brand of breakdown to the mix to finish off the song. This is a maelstrom of musical complexity.

Many of the songs on Mind Cemeteries come at you in a blaze of speed, and can leave you disoriented in the wave of math metal styled arrangements. This is an album for those who truly have a feel for the experimental, and want something that is on the next level. Coma Cluster Void is receiving high remarks from the experimental metal community for their push to expand what is heavy. If you are interested in what could be the next evolution of what is defined as brutal heavy metal be sure to check out Mind Cemeteries out now.