Reviews (Mind Cemeteries)

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Coma Cluster Void is about to release a mind bending, corpse grinding album titled Mind Cemeteries.This is debut that has being prolonged, however this is exactly what the band wanted to work on and accomplish as a death metal ensemble. Strieder (guitar) and Hinz (Bass) wanted to create a spontaneous album in 2013, with sounds of cannon blast and 10 string guitars. This group consists of two vocalists who’s talent is impeccable- Mike DiSalvo ex-Cryptosy and Austin Taylor. The relentless drums are punished skillfully by Christopher Burrows. There is also a special guest appearance by Lord Worm (vocalist) and Will Smith- not the hip-hop guy.

This is a brutal record that has twists and turns in all spots of the songs. Track “Drowning Into Sorrow” has the levitating sounds of guitar riffs sporadically giving the song that brutal atmosphere while the drums are viciously hammered by giant demons set for carnage. There is also a 15 second roar by Austin Taylor,  which completes this brutal masterpiece. Mind Cemeteries is the rightful name for this album, your mind will definitely be in a dazed as you hear those versatile sounds of death metal, instilling euphoria and eliciting that metal gene one carries. This debut album will be released on August 26th make sure you get your copy and be ready for the madness.

Reported By: Hostile Jo