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(Austin Weber takes over round-up duty on this Friday, focusing on new music from 8 bands. And no, the new Metallica song isn’t one of them.)

Coma Cluster Void

Perennial NCS favorites Coma Cluster Void just dropped another new song two days ago called “Drowning Into Sorrow”, off their much buzzed-about debut, Mind Cemeteries. Having heard the whole album, this is easily the most savage and purely aggressive-focused cut on the album, and my personal favorite from the album to boot.

I can’t stop listening to this song, and I invite you to give it a chance. Like all their music, it’s highly unorthodox and intimidatingly harsh, but balances that out by being a forward-thinking ode to what death metal can be in this day and age of cynical listeners who think they’ve heard it all. This is probably my most anticipated release of the year, and having finally heard it all, I can confirm it lives up to any and all expectations myself and others have envisioned upon hearing their initial demos and ideas over the last few years.