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2016 was a great year for tech death in particular and extreme metal in general. I get less and less motivated to post my favorites of the year every year since my taste in metal has shifted from "typical" technical death metal to more obscure dissonant experimental metal and not too many people care for this growing few sub-genres. Clean tech death with nothing new "on the table" does NOTHING for me anymore to be honest. Even so, here goes nothing:

Pyrrhon is my new favorite band so their new release is my #1 even though it's mostly improvisation. Even so, track 1 is so good. so very good.

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT is my new favorite black metal band, so of course their new release is spectacular.…/inceste-ep

Gorguts latest is great. the magic is still there.

Ulcerate's magic is also still there. paralyzing really.

MALIGNANCY keeps getting more complex. love it.

Deathspell Omega new stuff is so good. so intense.…/the-synarchy-of-molt…

Coma Cluster Void more energetic tracks are intense and spice up something new and refreshing

@mephistopheles didn't disappoint.

PSUDOKU's new track is one of the few catchy styles i dig. a lot.

DODECAHEDRON new releases are just getting better and better. dissonance galore!

Auroch / Mitochondrion split is excellent.…/in-cronian-hour

Crisis Actor brought the goods early this year but still.

HOWLS OF EBB out of nowhere with this great dark release…/cursus-impasse-t…

WORMED keep improving as always

I'm sure I missed a bunch buttttt there ya go, 2016. I hope all 9 of you enjoy these. Pretty sure that's how few people actually dig all of these as well. -amir