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As we draw towards the end of 2016, we have the penultimate round up of the year’s best music videos in extreme music. It took us a while to get this list together (almost 6 months, to be exact), but there are more than enough videos to put together another list before we move on to 2017. Maybe over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll come up with a final round up. For now, enjoy the following 15 videos. ~ Shrivatsan R. 

Coma Cluster Void – Everything is Meant to Kill Us

Coma Cluster Void is a band where if you try to groove along to the music, you’ll find yourself failing miserably. The mathcore like, dissonant classical music inspired take on tech death metal is one of the most complex pieces of extreme metal to come out this year and the track Everything is Meant to Kill Us is an example of the deranged nature of the music. The video consists of quick cut shots of the band playing while the protagonist undergoes some sort of mental trauma. Featuring not one or two, but three vocalists with Lord Worm (ex-Cryptopsy vocalist) joining the two vocalists of Coma Cluster Void, the video is drenched with a malicious vibe. Merely looking at quick shots of Hinz’s and Strieder’s massive guitars (I’m no expert. But I’m sure there’s probably a million strings on there) gives a good idea about the eclectic nature of the tracks. ~ Shrivatsan R.