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Few bands create chaos in as calculated a way as Coma Cluster Void. The international experimental death metal project revealed the truly devastating Mind Cemeteries last year. Their incredible and intentional approach to composition is apparent in even their most dense, dissonant tracks. We are proud to present to you an exclusive premiere of Strieder’s playthrough for Mind Cemeteries‘ “Path of Lies”:

The brutal, brooding and atmospheric piece is distinct and relentlessly dark, while still dynamic. Think, perhaps, of a more nuanced Humanity’s Last Breath. Strieder’s unique style is also present on the track, with his ten string guitar and fingerpicking technique very rare in progressive death metal.

Though “Path of Lies” is from last year’s album, Coma Cluster Void is already preparing material for a new release: Thoughts From A Stone. The project, a lengthy single song EP, has yet to be assigned a release date, but is slated for later this year. The innovative group is fast-paced and calculated not only in their music, but in their work ethic and attention to detail.

You can follow Coma Cluster Void on Facebook and check out their music on Bandcamp. You can also follow the group on YouTube.