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"Sometimes the generation gap is a good thing – no one wants to bump into their parents at a Coma Cluster Void gig – and sometimes it’s a bad thing: no one should be denied The Snake by Al Wilson just because its loved by the olds. Either way, in music at least, the generation gap is becoming about as relevant as Foursquare.

Which, for Generation X parents at least, is a massive relief. As Dylan Moran says, while his parents grew up in an age of the Beatles, the Stones, dope and the pill, kids from the 1980s had Aids and Noel Edmonds: “If you have sex you will DIE! But never mind, here’s MC Hammer …”

How to make a Spotify playlist the whole family will love
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While a whole family might revel in the majesty of Purple Rain, the sprawling explorations of [Love Symbol] are less of a guaranteed crowd-pleaser – which means deciding on streaming playlists can cause plenty of family strife.

To give the generation gap some space – close enough to share, but with enough to go around, so everyone plays nice – there’s Spotify Family, a product that both reduces family spending and maximises family funk. You might say it’s a Family Affair."