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Coma Cluster Void was founded in 2013/2014. The Album "Mind Cemeteries" was released August 26th 2016.
In October 13th 2017, the successor "Thoughts From A Stone" was released. The band is currently working on new material.

Country: Berlin/USA/Canada
Genre: Dissonant/Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal   
Label: Translation Loss Records
Formed in 2013

  • 2016 Mind Cemeteries
  • 2017 Thoughts From A Stone


Mike DiSalvo - Vocals
(Ex-Cryptopsy, Akurion)

Lindsay O' Connor - Vocals

Austin Taylor - Vocals

Sylvia Hinz - Bass
(XelmYa, Infinite Nomad)

Tommy McKinnon - Drums
(Ex-Neuraxis, Conflux)

Jeanne Strieder - Guitars
(Infinite Nomad)


Past Members: Christopher Burrows, Drums (2016-2017)

Lost Members: Genevieve DiSalvo, Vocals / Spoken Words. We miss you.