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Honestly, Coma Cluster Void are fucking terrifying. Utilizing 10 string guitars to create a mind-blasting sonic landscape of avant-garde death metal, Mind Cemeteries became my pick for album of August out of nowhere. When they contacted us wanting to premiere a video, I was simultaneously stoked and nervous. What does a Coma Cluster Void music video look like? Well, it looks exactly like how it sounds.

Claustrophobic and dark shots of the band playing barely out of reach, juxtaposed against someone having a mental breakdown. Yep, these visuals accurately convey how “Everything Is Meant To Kill Us” sounds. Coma Cluster Void play with one’s understanding of tempo and riffing to create a great sense of unease. It’s quite difficult to follow the rhythm no matter what instrument one focuses on. The guitar doesn’t play anything conventionally resembling a “riff” either, just dissonant and discordant noises. It’s actually interesting to see how the 10 strings are utilized, if only through brief glimpses. The unsettling icing the disturbing cake is Lord Worm, formerly of Cryptopsy contributing vocals on this song. The legendary vocalist seems like a perfect fit for the song and the band. Overall, Coma Cluster Void’s Mind Cemeteries is the most bizarre, heaviest, creepiest death metal album of the year, and this video does the song justice. Go check the album out already. Do it. Here, let me help you:

"My latest fanzine issue contains a review of your latest album, which was just fantastic, one of my favourite albums this year."


Idealan, prosto idealan naziv albuma za ovaj vrtlog! Pašćete pod kontrolu moždanog lavirinta slušajući debi album kanadskog sastava Coma Cluster Void koji se sprema već godinama, i neki fanovi, uključujući i moju malenkost smo jako bli nestrpljivi da ovo izađe, i pratili smo svaki korak na soundcloudu(pa čak iako mi to nije toliko omiljena muzička platforma), imali su demo snimke tamo, isplatilo se, definitivno. Coma Cluster Void se sastoji od ekstremih muzičara, ali bih napomenuo da je vokal jebeni Mike Disalvo, bivši pevač Cryptopsy-a, da budem precizan na albumu And Then you'll beg. On, i još par super mozgova su postigli nemoguće, ono najmanje očekivano, kesu 11 savršenih pesama brutalnog i progresivnog math/death metala, jako čudnog i disonantnog načina sviranja i neobičnih Disalvo vokala, i ovo se možda neće svakome svideti na prvo slušanje, ali ko ima strpljenja, vremenom će zavoleti album, isto kako i album njega. Da bude fer situacija.

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"Madman - drummer Chris Burrows, plowing his way through the title track to their album 'Mind Cemeteries', complete with onscreen notation of every hit he does."