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Autumn Equinox 2016

Autumn Equinox 2016

Now that summer has officially come to an end it’s time to mark the autumn equinox with a new playlist, comprised of some of our favourite tracks new and old, to commemorate our favourite season.

We couldn’t resist pairing Morkobot and Coma Cluster Void together for this playlist, as both projects’ latest albums are remarkable, complex and unique in their fields – we guarantee listeners have never heard anything like Coma Cluster Void and their new full-length Mind Cemeteries requires several mesmerizing listens to fully appreciate the visionary technical cacophonies they have unleashed.




Hey mutants, Trevor From The Black Dahlia Murder AKA The Obituarist here. I’m currently reporting from home between TBDM tours. Up next is a brief Canadian run with The Cavaleras performing Roots and two quickies with First Fragment; followed by South America and then our ultimate US tour with Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Power Trip and Abnormality, which is sure to be a doozey… needless to say, I’ll be very busy in the coming months.

In the meantime, I’ve got a great round up of 23 solid as fuck new releases (heavy on the death metal) you should be checking out this Fall. I’ve got a talented spread here, lots of great bands and some been I’ve been genuinely very excited about. I am pleased to bring them to you here. Thanks again to anyone who stops by and especially those who give their hard earner money to these bands for their music and merchandise, they appreciate you and I do to. Without further delay, here are 23 rotten new releases sure to decimate your soft, pink parts into utter oblivion.


Fucking Mike DiSalvo (ex-Cryptopsy) is back! About freaking time! Coma Cluster Void bless our itching ears with bizarre, machinated, deconstructed technical death metal that will dizzy and jar the listener into submission. This is really cool and challenging stuff recalling Gorguts Obscura at times and instrumental freaks Keelhaul others. It’s a twisted and explosive ride. Mike seems right at home amidst the melee of writhing machines; this material is so bonkers technical that it makes And Then You’ll Beg seem like child’s play. I think its really cool that he’s found another really forward thinking ensemble to roll with. I am reminded of the first album from Ion Dissonance for some reason that I cant entirely pinpoint; it has that really damaged, taken apart sound to it but its still extreme as fuck. I also wouldn't be surprised if these gentlemen had an awareness of the works of Human Remains, Deadguy, and Lethargy. Haha, the album name Mind Cemetaries reminds me of that Rage Against The Machine lyric from “Bulls On Parade”… good on ya, mates! I hope this takes off and that we get to see Mike on the touring circuit again as I sadly have never seen him perform before. Coma Cluster Void, fuck yeah!!!
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And just like that, summer is over and what a summer it has been for Transcending Obscurity. We’ve managed to cover a great deal of good bands across the months and now it is time to focus on what kept us hooked in the month of August. As much as we try to keep it underground, August did have quite a lot of high profile releases which were simply too good to be ignored. Make sure you give these records a chance, because according to the staff here, the following albums represent the creme de la creme of metal music this month. As always, feel free to tell us why we are right or how wrong we are, in the comment section below. ~ Shrivatsan R.

Coma Cluster Void (International) – Mind Cemeteries (Avant-Garde / Technical Death Metal, Self Released)

Obvious choice here. I interviewed the band, did a full review, pimped it across social media; so no surprise in my choice. But it was well-earned. As much as I also enjoyed Dendritic Arbor and Void Omnia, ‘Mind Cemeteries’ edges both of those out on all levels. This album is vastly technical with its drummerobics and 10 stringed guitar gymnastics, almost to the point of avant-garde chaos. But rather than take the final leap, the band manages to maintain a certain order and catchiness within its groove to keep things entertaining. FFO: Ulcerate, CB Murdoc, Krallice ~ FlightOfIcarus